Week 4


I got carried away with my egg decoration this year and felt a little sad about the inevitable end of my Narnian masterpiece. Egg rolling down a not-really-hill nearby was certainly not Lady Dixon’s with the grandparents, but it was something.

Our eating pattern is croissant, bagel, hot-crossed bun, chocolate egg.

We’re still hungry. Anyone want a slice of toast? Everyone wants a slice of toast.

I am reliving my childhood a little more each week. I WhatsApp my family to check the rules of Spit (with UNO cards). My dad can only remember playing “Spit” with cherrystones, which is exactly what it sounds like. He sends hilarious photo evidence.

We watch Catchphrase and eat Rich Tea biscuits. We are peckish and have a slice of toast.

My husband and I blow the dust of the Amish playing cards. (A Vonderful Goot Game!). Set up. Get competitive.

I perform a complicated ‘bin dance’ on the road side (kick out bins with foot, grab handles with wipe in hand, repeat). I realise I am being watched by an amused passer-by and we laugh at the absurdity of it all.

The man who lives across the road, whom I had been hoping to help, maybe shop for, gives *me* a bag of food. Recurring Life Lesson #25.

Yale researcher, Erika Christakis, says that children don’t need more creative opportunities; they need more opportunities to be creative. I write this down. Repeat it to my husband. Remind myself daily.

The LOL house stands empty. It’s residents and furniture all relocated to a new sprawling residence made out of cardboard boxes and toilet roll tubes.  Case in point. (And also, Recurring Life Lesson #39).


We who are sheltered clap and pray for those who are not, although it does not seem enough. We who are sheltered are changeable in our spirits and our moods. Our energy and gratitude rises and wanes. We are being schooled in living in the present.

It is a beautiful morning. We clap, and we pray.

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