Small: Guest Poem

The first guest post in this series is a beautiful poem written by my friend Cherith. It is dedicated to William L. Knipe, a man of few words.



When your world suddenly gets overwhelming
When small tasks seem too hard.
When the small glimmer of hope you once had has gone…..
and the grasp of his big hand releases, to leave a small hand dangling…..
Your heart is smashed into small pieces.
So, you start with the small things,
you get up, you get dressed.
You eat a small bowl of cereal,
have a small cup of tea.
You take small steps.
You claim a small victory.
And somewhere inside your small heart a small voice says…
Small is sometimes doing your all.


Cherith Boyle has been a music teacher for twenty years. A recent move to teach in Special Education has been transforming for Cherith in deepening her capacity to believe in the impossible and to rediscover the joy of small things. Cherith plays the harp and piano and enjoys writing music and poetry. Her instrumental music has been commissioned for TV and Film and her choral music performed in the UK and Ireland. To date Cherith has written 3 musicals and produced two CDS that feature her own original songs and instrumentals.

[Read the series so far here]

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