[Books, Literary Quotes and a Bookworm necklace = the best Christmas pressies]

I think it was my beloved Anne Lamott who said “Books, for me, are medicine.”

In 2014 novels were my medicine.

I realised in the summer that I was reading too much non-fiction and boosting my fiction reading in response was one of the best things I did last year. I don’t think I read any books that would fit on a “Best of 2014” list as my reading was a mixture of random and old(-ish). But as is often the case with our favourites, with the best things we have EVER read (or watched or listened to) it’s more a case of it being the right time for us. So 2014 was the right time for me to read Wendell Berry and Anne Tyler. I had enjoyed both authors before but for whatever reason their words and their characters (and Wendell Berry’s places) just got under my skin this past year.  I have used up all my superlatives on them but not my appetite… I still feel like reading everything they have ever written.

Then, as well as some random and weird reads, I read classics for the first time in a while. The Podcast The Ancient Paths (scroll down to find) resonated with me a lot about making space for old things in our lives – old books, old songs and old prayers – “there’s something there about the restlessness of the new and resting our souls in something that’s been proved and tried and tested and found to be helpful by generations of those that have gone before us.”

I think I will be taking the same medicine in 2015 and continue with a ‘less is more’ approach to non-fiction… I do love this genre and have a weakness for memoirs but I have learnt I need to read them slowly – sit with them, savour them and only read them at certain times of day.

If you want to read more in 2015 you might like this advice by Austin Klein: How to Read More

Also if you want to read an actual “Best of 2014” I recommend:

John-Mark Mullan: Three Books,  Three Films,  Three Albums

Sarah Bessey: My 10 Favourite Books of 2014

D.L. Mayfield: My Year in Reading

Gemma Brown: Books of 2014

Oh and you might need this: Stocki’s songs for a healthy soul CD 2014


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