Body: December

Body 365

As far as ‘words for the year’ go – ‘BODY’ is a lousy one to choose.

You will find yourself, in December, mulling over your word and trying to tie together some meaningful thoughts.

You will find yourself, in December, the tiredest month of the year.  What a ridiculous month to reflect on your Body.  It’s not exactly festive. You don’t want to reflect on your body, you want to wrap it up and heat it up and comfort it with seasonal goodies.

You don’t want to reflect at all, you want to rest.

And as far as Blog Series go – ‘BODY’ is an unfortunate choice. It seems to mock you. How is it possible you have become more tired and unhealthy since starting it?

But, as usual, Anne Lamott is right:

Life does not seem to present itself to me for my convenience, to box itself up nicely so I can write about it with wisdom and a point to make before putting it on a shelf somewhere.

[Small Victories]

I will not have this Body Thing boxed up, or written up, this month.  There will be no ‘How to’ final post, no impressive Before and After photos. Just the same familiar body (and mind) with its familiar struggles and tendencies and well-practised habits.

So, honestly? I picked WELL. Body is a brilliant word for the year. Especially for me, because I struggle with mine. It should feel hard and counter-intuitive, it should take longer than a year and it should involve trying again, again.

So I hear my own mocking voice but I don’t let it stop me because “nothing of beauty gets built through shame” (Shauna Niequist).

I am learning and I am unlearning and it’s December and I’m going to wrap this body up and I am going to rest. And maybe I will reflect by the candle light about the slow changes and the small things and maybe I will write about it here.

It’s not exactly festive, but maybe you will find yourself thinking about your body too, this December.  If you do I’d be honoured to host your thoughts here.  Or maybe you will be too busy resting which is, I suspect, one of the wisest things we can learn.



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2 thoughts on “Body: December

  1. I might read some more of your blog posts on ‘body’ through advent, particularly since this year I seem to know quite a few people choosing to run through advent. Running every day challenges the inclination to hibernation and sloth at this time of year. It comes with the recognition that this advent challenge is made easier by running in virtual and real community. We alI hope to reach the end of the month fitter and healthier than we have been at the end of any other December…but this is just day one and I’m still on an endorphins high. Advent blessings.

  2. I love it Wendy! If you find yourself writing about this in the middle, or at the end, I would love to add it to the series… I am a spectator from afar of people who choose to do things like this… I have such a strong inclination toward hibernation. Keep me posted! xo

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