I have been having a few epiphanies recently, mostly when I should be sleeping. One of them is that I am reading too much non-fiction. Another is that I am having too many epiphanies.

I am over-inspired, so to speak. Thinking about too many things, reading too fast, panicking about all the good stuff I don’t have time to give attention to.

I was going to, among other things, give my body a detox. I have realised my head needs one first.

It’s summer. It has taken a week and half to let go of of all my mini-projects spinning in my head.

It’s kind of embarrassing, but now when I have a few moments to myself instead of reading 5 things at once on the internet or grabbing a book with haste, I am pulling up Ann Voskamp’s site and just puttering about to her music.

My husband (pretends he) hates it.

It just slows me down.

Then I read a bit. (Thanks to my chum Tory for sending me a few of her articles recently that started me reading more.)

This morning I am LOVING this:

It can be easy for me to live with a fractured soul – the kind that pulls in ten thousand directions, the kind that insists I compete, do more, and live up until finally I crash down.

It’s no way to live which is why I grieve when it starts to feel normal.

Like the world, my soul needs a solstice —  a predictable rhythm of change.

(Full article by Emily Freeman on Ann’s site here)

I am also boosting my fiction reading, the pile beside my bed is disappearing fast.

Any recommendations for my next library trip?

5 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Anne Tyler is saaaaaaaad! Your bro (who read them encouraged by your mum I think! Hi Beeth!) tricked me into reading her. Weird thing is, they’re sort of compelling, but… Only read if you’re feeling emotionally stable 🙂 I’m reading Prep by Curtis Sittenfield and enjoying it so far. I love a good Kate Morton – they always follow the same sort of parallel-running flashbacks uncovering old family secrets. Touching without being tooooooo deep and sort of mindless without being chick-lit. But each to their own!

    • … I think it may have been JM who encouraged her, but she has a great capacity for reading unsettling things so they love exchanging books! I borrowed the Anne Tyler from her anyway, it’s 2nd in my new pile, will check emotional stability before reading!

      Thanks for recommendations… haven’t read any by either author so will hunt them out. I’m reading my first Graeme Greene, it has sat on my bookshelf for about 10 years, I had one of those irrational disinterests in it and, as is usually the case, it was unfounded…

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