I am from the dressing up box

I am from the dressing-up-box, from family board games and crammed book cases.

I am from the end terrace where the kettle’s on and the fire’s lit.

I am from the cul-de-sac, the wasteland, the tow-path,

The tree with the rope-swing down by the mill.

I’m from the morning hooter and “First call for breakfast!” and “Coats, bags and shoes time!”

From the Mullan Clan and Graham Get-togethers.

I’m from “Hello Spud!” and “You’re a Doo-Doo!”

I’m from “we don’t scold for accidents in this house”, from “thy grace is sufficient”,

from “the best is yet to come”.

I am from dreamers and pontificators and Deep Thoughts about Life.

I am from the old hymns, the gospel halls, the summer camps, from singing in the car and at the piano and round the campfire.

I am from peace like a river and a hole in the bottom of the sea.

I’m from Japan and Northern Ireland, ramen noodles and hot-buttered toast.

I am from Narnia and from the Faraway Tree.

I’m from Betty’s and Nigel’s and the Cheshire Cat, from sticker books and pasty suppers and from a quarter of midget gems.

I am from super 8 cine films in the roofspace and from letters in shoeboxes under the bed.

I am from old photos in old biscuit tins, from a 1980 snapshot, from a family of 5.


[ This is part of  the SheLoves Synchroblog ]


5 thoughts on “I am from the dressing up box

  1. I love this! I feel like I’ve just been privy to a bunch of inside family jokes and it makes me all nostalgic. Reading posts from this synchroblog is ruining me. (Homesick.) This is definitely my favorite: I’m from “we don’t scold for accidents in this house”. LOVE. And I’ll be incorporating that phrase into my parenting. Thank you to your parents (I assume?), and to you for sharing. x

  2. Love this! Oh, the excitement of the trips to the Cheshire Cat, and the thrill of the swing at the waste land…and bobbing for apples at Halloween, and staying at Grand Prix in the Purple bedroom for a midnight feast!!

    • … it felt a bit like writing an ode to growing up with you! I had bobbing for apples and the Purple room written down but couldn’t fit it all in!!! xx

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